Campus 12 - Marcelo  e Caio
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And with great pleasure that we present our new partner CAMPUS 12, its founders are Marcelo Vieira and Caio both athletes still in activity.


located in Getafe in Spain, the Campus offers the best of that time. With a super structure the Campus was created so that the children have an unforgettable experience.



To comprehensively develop all the abilities of the child and / or adolescent.
Generate identity through sport from the formation of values.
Develop the individual creativity of each athlete.


Instill through the training the values ​​of respect, effort, solidarity, teamwork, discipline, with the goal of integral growth of the athlete far from the competitive aspect.
Consider sport as an educational tool for life.

Method 12 (custom)

The program / method of Campus12 is based on the phenomenology of movement, ie: mobility, specific movement, action / action, motor behavior, motor behavior, gestures, adaptive behavior, motor ability. With the aim of improving and improving each of the qualities of the child or athlete and always away from the competitive aspect.


1º teaches to move, knowing the possibilities that the body has and how to take advantage of the possibilities.
2. Understand what to do with these movements so they can be used in any daily activity of the day to day.
3º we apply in the sport to achieve the maximum sporting performance.

Camping with Campus 12 will attend children from 8 to 16 years old.